Hagg Farm

Each year, all students at Manor College are offered the opportunity of a weekend at Hagg Farm Outdoor Education Centre in Derbyshire. The weekend is spent doing a range outdoor activities (climbing, caving, gorge walking etc), taking part in group games and activities and participating in tasks that are assigned to the students on arrival, for example, cooking the dinner from scratch. It is an opportunity for students to bond, to build their confidence and to have fun. 

Alton Towers

Manor College organises two trips per year to Alton Towers for the students. The first visit is often at the beginning of the school year, giving the students an opportunity to build friendships and have a good time before the hard work and the exam season begins. The second visit is organised at the end of the school year allowing students to blow off some steam and celebrate the completion of their exams. 

Course Visits

Depending on their course options, students at Manor College will have the opportunity to go on a variety of visits to enhance their studies. The Art and Design students, for example, will visit a number of art galleries during the year, whilst the Geography students might visit a variety of coastlines. 


University Visits

Throughout their two years studying at Manor College, students will be given the opportunity to visit a number of universities around the UK for guided tours, open days and presentations. This not only allows the students to see a variety of the universities available, it also offers them a deeper understanding of the study demands an the student life at University to ensure that they can be confident when making their decision about higher education.