Subject Leader – Mr S Lyndon  


Mathematics is the basis of all we see in nature. Every movement of the stars and planets is governed by various laws - many we know well, others are still being discovered.

Our department nurture students’ confidence so that they can work independently, take risks and persevere in order for them to experience success. We have a good history of tutoring students through complex topics to achieve excellent final grades and we are only getting better. In 2016 our GCSE pass rate increased by 23%, meaning that more students left with a C grade or better than those nationally.

Year 7

At the start of year 7 students follow a numeracy scheme of learning to ensure that their skills are sharp from Primary school. Students are then set by ability, and follow schemes that are suited to their starting point to allow the maximum amount of progress and understanding happens. Throughout the year, students will have the opportunity to study further skills with number, an introduction to algebra, basic fundamentals of shape and space and collecting, representing and using data. 

Year 8

This develops on from year 7 with students continuing to study in more depth, algebra skills, higher level number skills, the uses in context of shape and space, and the in depth analysis of statistical data. During this year there will be a heavy focus on problem solving and the use of ratio and proportion. 

Year 9

Year 9 is very much a preparation for GCSE, higher level content will be introduced that they will continue to use and develop throughout their GCSE Mathematics. Students will also make stronger links between number, algebra, shape and statistics.  


Students start their GCSE Mathematics after the Easter Break in Year 9.  This allows adequate time to teach all the content thoroughly and to have good exam preparation in year 11. Students will still follow a higher or foundation tier route. The exam board specification currently being followed is Edexcel,  this is 100% assessment at the end of the course by 3 exams (1 non calculator, 2 calculator). 

Facilities and resources

The Mathematics department has dedicated teaching rooms, all of which are equipped with an interactive whiteboard. We also make use of Maths Watch, Mathsbox and Just Maths within lessons.  


The Mathematics department are fully committed to inspiring all levels of students to appreciate the beauty of the subject. To aid in this the Maths department runs a successful excursion to Blackpool to investigate the Mathematics behind rollercoaster design. In years 7 and 8 high achievers have the opportunity to take part in the UKMT team and individual events. In year 11 one third of our students attend a revision event at Nottingham Trent University. Currently students in Year 10 are able to choose GCSE Statistics as an option.