Entry Requirements:

Grade 5 in English and History GCSE

Why should I take this course?

The study of the part is particularly interesting; it is effectively a study of ourselves. History can provide answers to key questions about our lives and the world today. People who study History develop strong skills in analysis and evaluation, and with their better understanding of political, economic and social change, they are able to play key roles in understanding and moving forward modern issues.

Course structure:

There are two units of study in the AS Course, and four units that make up the full A Level. For AS, the topics focus on revolutions and change in Modern Europe. You will cover Britain 1625-1701: Conflict, revolution and settlement, and Russia in Revolution, 1894-1924. The full A Level course starts with the same two units, and in the second year consists of a supported coursework study unit with a focus of your choice as well as an exam unit on Civil rights and race relations in the USA, 1850-2009.

How will I be assessed?

80% Examinations, 20% Coursework

What careers might this course lead to?

Whilst many people who study History do not go on to a career specifically about the subject, Historical study is unquestionably an asset for a variety of work. Careers in which the specific history skills of adaptability, analysis and organisation are highly sought after include politics and international relations, law, and journalism.