GCSE Maths

Why should I take this course? 

Just look around. Some of civilization's most prized and proud achievements are wholly reliant on mathematics. Planes flying seamlessly through the air to the availability of complex medicines and high tech computers. All of these increasingly vital commodities rely on the study, understanding and use of numbers.   If you are to stop and think for just a few minutes, it becomes clear that mathematics is pretty well paramount to life as we know it.  Rational and logical thought is something which is required in many areas, whether it is in a moral or career capacity. A mathematician's skillset is not exhausted once they move away from the numerical; The skills obtained are transferrable to other situations and areas. Furthermore the high level thinking required to understand complex mathematical theories and rules is an asset which will benefit an individual in many ways.

What careers will the course lead to?

Most careers ask for the benchmark in Mathematics to be achieved Therefore GCSE Mathematics is highly relevant to all career paths. Mathematics as a direct route can lead to many careers in the following areas: Computer Engineering/Science, Economics, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Finance, Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Political Science, Marketing, Accounting, Business Management and Communications.