GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Why should I take this course?

If you love science then you should definitely consider separate sciences. Everyone does their best in subjects they enjoy. By taking sciences separately at GCSE level you will cover more content and find you’re better prepared if you want to take science A-levels. Pupils who take separate GCSE science are also more likely to get higher grades in A-level sciences. If you’re already thinking about university and careers and are interested in science-based degrees and jobs then it is definitely worth considering taking separate science GCSEs. Most top universities prefer applicants for science subjects to have taken the separate science option at GCSE.

What careers might this course lead to? 

Whatever career you are considering, taking separate sciences GCSE will set you up well for later life. Employers are crying out for candidates with science-based skills. The types of skills you learn studying all three Sciences can be really helpful for all sorts of different careers for example:

Aquacultural Manager
Climate Change Analyst
Emergency Management Specialist
Environmental Compliance Inspector
Environmental Scientist
Industrial Health & Safety Engineer
Soil and Water Conservationist
Soil Scientist
Water & Liquid Waste Treatment Plant Operator
Audio and Video Equipment Technician
Aviation Inspector
Chemical Technician
Chemist Chemistry
Food Scientist or Technologist
Forensic Science Technician
Nuclear Monitoring Technician
Occupational Health & Safety Specialist
Physics Teacher
Power Plant Operator
Precision Instrument & Equipment Repairer
Sound Engineering Technician