HPV Vaccination

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) immunisation that protects against cervical cancer is being offered to all girls aged 12 – 13 years in Year 8 nationally. This is a school based programme, and is not available to this year group at your GPs.

In March 2014 the Department of Health changed this vaccine from a three dose schedule to a two dose schedule given over six months. This is because research evidence has shown that two doses in this age group is as effective as three.

At the immunisation session the nurses need to know if your child has any serious illness, is receiving current treatment or medications, or has had a confirmed anaphylactic reaction to a previous immunisation or any substance. For your child’s safety please ensure that they have this information on the day or you can write it on the back of the consent form.

Please note: If for any reason your daughter misses any of the two injections do not worry, we have a catch up programme in place with the school for any missed doses. Please do not go to your GP as they are unable to offer this vaccination.

More information about the HPV vaccination