Absence/Term Time Holidays

What do we ask parents to do?

  • If your daughter/son is unavoidably absent please contact the attendance team either by telephoning 01623 425100 and choosing option 1, using SchoolComms or emailing attendance@themanor.notts.sch.uk on the EVERY day of absence. 
  • Failure to contact the school could result in your child receiving an unauthorised absence
  • Contact the school if there are any problems with attendance.

What will the school do?

  • If your child is absent and we have not heard from you, we will contact you to find out the reason for absence
  • We will make sure students know the importance of good attendance and punctuality. Good attendance will be rewarded
  • Significant attendance concerns will be reported to the local authority
  • We will provide your child's attendance data with your child's regular progress reviews and on request. 
  • We will support your child in school with attendance through assemblies, individual and group work. 

Taking Leave of Absence in Term Time

Taking leave of absence during term time can affect your child's academic progress and involvement in the Academy community. 

Two weeks absence in term time means that your child will miss up to 50 hours of learning. Research suggests that just 17 days absence from school could lead to a drop in GCSE grades.

Parents have a responsibility to ensure that their child attends school on a regular basis. Absence from school that is not authorised may result in legal action being considered by the Local Authority.

If in exceptional circumstances you require your child to be absent from school, please contact the Student Office by telephone, 01623 425100 and select option 2 to speak with our attendance team, or e-mail: attendance@themanor.notts.sch.uk stating the reason.