Bullying Policy

At The Manor Academy, in line with Every Child Matters, we aim to provide a safe, caring and friendly environment for all our students to allow them to learn effectively, improve their life chances and help them maximise their potential.

We want students to feel safe in school, ensuring  that they understand the issues relating to safety, such as bullying,  and that they feel confident to seek support from school should they feel unsafe.

Policy Development

This policy was formulated in consultation with the whole school community with input from members of staff, governors, parents/carers, children and young people. 

  • Students contribute to the development of the policy through the school council, discussions, PSHE, mentor time etc. 
  • The school council will develop a student friendly version to be displayed in key areas around the school. 
  • Parents will be encouraged to contribute by viewing the policy on the website and the VLE and contacting us with their views

Roles and Responsibilities

The Head teacher  has  overall responsibility for the policy and its implementation and liaising with the governing body, parents/carers, LA and outside agencies and appointing an Anti-bullying coordinator who will have general responsibility for handling the implementation of this policy.

The Anti –bullying Coordinator in our school is: The Assistant Head teacher responsible for  Safeguarding and Child Protection

 The school’s responsibilities are: 

  • Policy development and review involving students, staff, governors, parents/carers and relevant local agencies
  • Implementing the policy and monitoring and assessing its effectiveness in practice
  • Ensuring evaluation takes place and that this informs policy review
  • Ensuring that bullying incidents are managed effectively.
  • Quality assuring the reporting and recording of bullying incidents
  • Assessing and coordinating training and support for staff and parents/carers where appropriate
  • Coordinating strategies for preventing bullying behaviour
  • Ensuring the policy is implemented by the staff and other employees of the Manor School.

The nominated Governor with the responsibility for Anti-bullying (Behaviour) is: the Chair of the Governors’ Guidance and Support Committee. 

There is no hierarchy of bullying – all forms will be taken equally seriously and dealt with appropriately.

Reporting and Responding to Bullying

The Academy has clear and well publicised systems to report bullying for the whole school community (including staff, parents/carers, children and young people) this includes those who are the targets of bullying or have witnessed bullying behaviour 

  • If a student is being bullied he/ she should speak to his/her mentor, the Student Services Team or any other adult in school he/she feels comfortable to talk to. If he/she feels unable to do that, a friend or parent/carer should inform the relevant member of staff.
  • If a parent/carer needs to report the bullying of any student, he/she should contact the mentor of the student in the first instance, or failing that the Student Services Team in person, or by phone or email..
  • Any students who witness bullying should speak to their mentor, or the Student Services Team or any other adult in school, who will take the appropriate action. 


All reported incidents will be taken seriously and investigated involving all parties.
Steps the school may take include: 

  • Interviewing all parties
  • Informing parents/carers
  • A range of responses appropriate to the situation: - solution focused, individual work with target, aggressor, referral to outside agencies if appropriate
  • Referral to the Behaviour for Learning  Policy and school sanctions and how these may be applied including what actions may be taken if bullying persists
  • Follow up especially keeping in touch with the person who reported the situation, parents/carers
  • Support for the target and the aggressor. 

Recording Bullying and Evaluating the Policy 

Bullying incidents will be recorded by the member of staff who deals with the incident and this will be monitored by the Anti-bullying Coordinator.  
The information stored electronically will be used to ensure individual incidents are followed up.  It will also be used to identify trends and inform preventative work in school and development of the policy.
This information will be presented to the governors as part of their monitoring and evaluation role.
The policy will be reviewed and, where necessary, updated.

Strategies for Preventing Bullying 

As part of our on-going commitment to the safety and welfare of our pupils we at The Manor School have developed the following strategies to promote positive behaviour and discourage bullying behaviour. 

  • Involvement in Healthy Schools
  • Anti-Bullying week annually in November.
  • PSHE/citizenship
  • Specific curriculum input on areas of concern such as Cyberbullying and internet safety
  • Student voice
  • Buddying
  • Counselling and/or Mediation schemes
  • The mentor system 

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