The Manor Academy Staff


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Katrina Kerry
Head Teacher
Rob Gladwin
Deputy Head Teacher
John Sully
Assistant Head Teacher
Adie Bett
Assistant Head Teacher
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Martin Cooper
Assistant Head Teacher
Chris Hudson
Assistant Head Teacher for
Pastoral Care

Staff Contact Information

Pastoral Support Officers 

Y7 - Mr Derricott Extension 242
Y8 & 9 - Mrs Best Extension 230
Y10 & 11 - Miss Nettleship Extension 296

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Year 7

Head of Year Miss E. Rawson
7A.1 Mr L. Roberts
7A.2 Mr V. Donohoe
7A.3 Mr J. Ridding
7A.4 Miss S. Crosby
7A.5 Mrs S. Turner
7B.1 Mrs S. Parmenter
7B.2 Miss R. Darbyshire
7B.3 Mrs P. Varley
7B.4 Mr N. Wadsworth
7B.5 Miss I Poultney

Year 8

Head of Year Mrs J. Redfern
8A.1 Mr B. Lack
8A.2 Mrs B. Harris
8A.3 Miss J. Smith
8A.4 Miss H. Hibberd
8B.1 Mr R. Bofinger
8B.2 Miss K. Gosling
8B.3 Mrs K Helme

Year 9

Head of Year Mr G. Crow
9.1 Miss N. Fay
9.2 Mr G. Richardwon
9.3 Miss E. Berridge
9.4 Miss H. Austin
9.5 Miss E. Cooper
9.6 Miss H. Bateman

Year 10

Head of Year Mr J. Tallett
10.1 Miss M. Wood
10.2 Mr R. Wibberley
10.3 Mr A. Clifford
10.4 Mr A. Mullan
10.5 Miss E. Grice
10.6 Miss A. Moss

Year 11

Head of Year Mr D. Waterhouse
11.1 Miss A. Richardson
11.2 Miss L. Orr
11.3 Mr L. Hall
11.4 Miss K. Beastall
11.5 Dr J. Cheung
11.6 Miss N. Rowbottom

Manor College

MC12.1 Mr A. Campbell
MC12.2 Mr M. Evans
MC12.3 Mrs A. Kemish
MC12.4 Mr B. Starkey
MC13.1 Mrs M. Dunn
MC13.2 Mr S. Norris