Year 10 Work Experience

Yr10 Work Experience : 10th - 14th July 2017

Your Future, Your Choice

The benefits of taking part in work experience…

 - A chance to try out your future career

 - Insight into working life

 - Secure and sustain employment

 - Variety of tasks and experience

 - Learn directly about the working environment

The Process

Friday 21st October

Year 10 Work Experience Assembly

Friday 4th and 11th November

Create your CV and research ideas during Friday extended PSHE squad with your squad leader.

November to March


  • Phone the placement
  • Visit the Placement
  • Write/email the placement

When you've found your placement

Email your placement to:

[email protected]

Student Agreement form - Signed and Returned AND Employer Contract - Signed and REturned with all necessary documentation from employer