Process and Practice

The Academy has designated a Middle Leader to oversee the SMSC programme.

An inclusive assembly programme runs throughout the academic year, which promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of these areas at appropriate times. Where relevant, assemblies are linked to local, national and international events.

One-hour of PSHE is delivered weekly. The comprehensive PSHE programme promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students as well as their knowledge and understanding of British Values and offers careers guidance.

The SMSC-PSHE programme is strategically planned to ensure assemblies support the delivery of PSHE-SMSC squad time activities thus allowing consolidation of learning and understanding to take place.

At Strand level, there is a clear identification as to how the curriculum support the SMSC agenda

The Student Senate promotes student voice and democracy across the academy. Every squad has at least 1 elected representative that sits on the Senate.

The Manor Family Senate supports students from across the Manor family of schools to work together to organise and run charity events, which support both local and national goodwill causes.

Mansfield School Games volunteering and post 16 community volunteering provides further opportunity for students to develop aspects of spiritual, moral, social and cultural knowledge and understanding.


In addition to the above opportunities, the Academy will provide CPD to ensure:

Individual and Academy needs are met

All members of staff are aware of the importance of SMSC development and promotion of it in all aspects of academy life