SMSC and British Values

At the Manor Academy our Mission is simple… achieve excellence in all we do through innovation, by installing pride and raising expectations of the young people in our care. If we get this right then we will end up with happy, confident and successful students able to meet the challenges of a global community.

We believe that the Academy should actively promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and social development of all students. Through planned activities in the curriculum, during enrichment and in the community, all students will be given opportunities to explore and develop their own values and beliefs, spiritual awareness, positive behavior, caring attitude towards other people, understanding of the social and cultural traditions and an appreciation of the diversity and richness of other cultures. The aim of this provision is to strengthen the Academy’s PRIDE culture thus supporting students to continue to succeed in life after Manor.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development considers the values, principles and beliefs, which may or may not be religious, but which inform an individual’s perspective on life and their patterns of behaviour. Within the Academy students are given the opportunity to explore their beliefs, including any religious beliefs, and the way in which they affect people’s lives as teaching allows students space for their own thoughts, ideas and concerns.

Moral Development

Moral development is about distinguishing right from wrong, based on knowledge of the moral codes of an individual’s own and others cultures. Students arrive at the academy with varying degrees of moral understanding defined by family, friends and previous experiences. Around the Academy all students are encouraged to make choices about how they behave, and understand their choices have consequences. Good learning behaviours are planned for, taught and modelled and our values and expectations are consistently applied through our PRIDE ethos.


Social Development

Social development is the development of a student’s ability to adjust to a range of social contexts by appropriate and sensible behaviour. Within the Academy the consistent use of group work including roles encourages students to develop their ability to relate well to other people’s social skills and personal qualities in a variety of learning environments. 


Cultural Development

Cultural development is about a student’s ability to recognise and understand his or her own cultural assumptions and values, appreciating cultural diversity. At Manor students are encouraged to participate in a range of cultural events thus enabling the to develop their intellectual, creative, physical and aesthetic skills. 


British Values

Promoting British Values endorses the understanding that while people hold different views about what is right and wrong, they must regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and tolerance. British Values are actively promoted at Manor through the student voice.  Additionally students access the Manor passport, which allows them to demonstrate their Britishness.