Wider Opportunities

The “Big 4”

As a member of Manor College, you will have the opportunity to apply to be Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy, Head Girl or Deputy Head Girl. This is a senior role where you will be expected to represent the views of Sixth Form students in the school senate and in regular meetings with the Head of Sixth Form. You will also be expected to present to parents at school events, speak to governors, discuss teaching and learning and organise Sixth Form trips and charity events. Although it is a big responsibility, it is also a position which will benefit you in applications for university and careers.

Work Experience and Volunteering

Students in Year 12 have the opportunity to take part in meaningful, regular work experience placements, which should help you in your chosen areas of study at university, or in gaining apprenticeship and employment places. You will be supported in your choice of work experience by your tutor, the Head of Sixth Form and the Careers Adviser who is based in Manor College for two days per week. All work experience placements have been safety checked and used successfully by schools across the Two Counties Trust.

Manor College students also have the opportunity to take part in volunteering work in Manor Academy. This involves you doing a variety of volunteering such as helping teachers in lessons supporting students, helping with displays, administrative duties, or in PE where you help run the PE lessons.