Success in the Mansfield School Athletics

The Manor Academy this week took part in the Mansfield Schools Athletics, where students did extremely well participating in a variety of events and officiating the games.

The Manor finished first place in many of the categories, which you can see below:

  • Year 7 Girls - 1st Place
  • Year 7 Boys - 1st Place
  • Year 8 Girls - 1st Place
  • Year 8 Boys - joint 2nd Place
  • Year 9 Girls - 5th Place (we only had three in the team)
  • Year 9 Boys  - 2nd Place

During the day, a variety of students gave some outstanding sporting performances! They include Ellie Cartwright, who blew the opposition out of the water on her 200m, whilst Conor Bowskill smashed his 100m race by 1/2 a second!

Jared Bailey won both his events and destroyed his opponents in the 200m and Jaz Goundry out threw the opposition in the Discus!

Hope Briscoe and Madison Wardle both won their events in style. Ben Worboys thought he was going to take off in his 200m following the way he flew round the bend. Justing Brown also won his Long Jump Events!

Ms Parkin said “Our students did extremely well they all attended their events on time, performed to the best of their ability and showed exceptional sportsmanship throughout the whole afternoon.

It is with great pride that I can say our students were absolutely amazing and made me feel honoured to organise and run this event under the name of The Manor Academy.”

Well done to everybody involved!