Reading at home


Here at The Manor Academy, we encourage all of our students to continue reading during this lock down process, but recognise some of our students might be wanting to try reading something new.

Below are the links that our English team have sent out to our students to allow them to access a wide variety as texts, audiobooks and even live reads from authors.

In year 7 and 8 our students have an hour a week set aside for reading. We encourage all of our students to continue to engage in this whilst at home during this period. It’s an excellent opportunity to try a new author or new style of book.

If you have any questions about any of the links then please get in touch with your child’s English teacher.

Happy Reading!


Audible have some books available for free at the moment:

Youngerer KS3

For older KS3 +




Usborne have made all their e-books available for 99p (can buy e.g. through Amazon)

Reviews and recommendations

Books for Keeps

Love Reading 4 schools: recommendations and extracts/samples


Neil Gaiman reading from his books