Manor Awarded Gold Status - All-Together programme

Gold Award

We are delighted to have been awarded Gold Status in the All Together Programme for anti-bullying. It is important for our ‘Achieve’ values that we are all caring to one-another and that all children have a voice and are treated equally and the All Together Programme has helped us to further develop these areas.

The pastoral team have worked very hard to ensure that all children are supported and know how to report incidents of bullying if and when they happen. Mr Hudson said: ‘I am really proud of our dedicated and committed pastoral team who consistently demonstrate our Academy values and deliver outstanding pastoral care to our school community, they have thoroughly earned this award’.

To further promote our Achieve Values, the Academy decided to embark upon the ‘All Together Programme’ for anti-bullying this year. Despite the obvious challenges, the pastoral team have implemented an action plan to ensure all of our children are supported in school. This has included; creating an action plan, training for staff in anti-bullying strategies, an information session for parents online (which is still available on our school Facebook page) and an updated anti-bullying policy which has had input from the student senate and staff. We have also invested in ‘Tootoot’ an electronic platform and app which allows students to report bullying and communicate with staff.

We have continued to push the message of anti-bullying, respect and tolerance in school with half-termly assemblies on the topic, lessons within the PSHE curriculum and regular sharing of information. Our regular student surveys have also shown that students feel supported in school, that bullying is quite rare and that when it does happen, staff deal with it well. We continue to work on our areas for development as highlighted by the children.

Head of Year 9, Mrs Redfern also added, "Students in Year 9 are confident to report any form of bullying through Tootoot. Mrs Best and I act quickly to speak with any student who reports that they have seen or heard bullying towards themselves or their peers. It’s important that we get statements from students and quickly act to resolve situations in order to ensure all students feel safe at school. Through assemblies and tutor time discussions with the year group, we ensure all students are aware that bullying will not be tolerated. We are proud as a school to receive this gold award".