Lia and Elisha Morley Martial Kombat Success

On the 9th of November, Lia and Elisha Morley travelled to Malta for the World Martial Kombat Federation Championships to try and replicate the amazing success they had last year and they did just that!

Prior to the championships Lia and Elisha had two qulaifying events at West Notts College, in order to reach the championships in Malta. Of course they smahed the qualifying rounds to earn their chance to fight among the best and try their best to win gold!

Lia and Elisha performed exceptionally well at the championships for Great Britain, by competiting against at least 6 different countries and making all of us proud! This is reflected by their winnings:


Gold - Create Muciscal Forms
Gold - Syncronised Forms
Silver - Traditional Korean Forms
Silver - Traditional Japanese Kata
Bronze - Creative Weapons Forms


Silver - Traditional Japanese Kata
Bronze - Creative Musical Forms
Bronze - Traditional Korean Forms

This is a massive achievement by the girls and it also needless to say that their parents are are extremely proud on how hard they have trained to earn their medals!

Keep up the good work girls, we are so proud and well done!