Ex-Manor Student Georgia Scott Wins Gold

We would like to congratulate one of our ex-students Georgia Scott, for achieving gold in The Duke of Edinburgh award!

This is an incredible achievement and she should be very proud of her efforts!

Due to her amazing efforts, she had the chance to meet with the Duke of Edinburgh and Mary Berry on the 29th of November, where she was presented with her award.

Georgia has passed on the following information, including a brief description of the award, what she had entailed and on how much she would recommend anyone getting involved in expeditions and other factors.


Georgia Scott:

The Duke of Edinburgh award is a youth awards programme, founded in 1956 and has since expanded to 144 nations. D of E is a well-esteemed award and is really useful for CVs, job, and uni applications as it shows a sense of commitment and self-motivation.

The D of E award consists of Bronze, Silver or Gold levels.

For the Gold award, an individual must complete 1 year volunteering, 1 year physical activity, 1 year of a new skill, a 5 day 4 night expedition, and a week's residential in a new environment with new people.

For the volunteering section I spent one afternoon a week in the year 7 pods with Miss Fisher, doing classroom assistant roles; helping set up activities, handing out resources, helping students, and providing general classroom support. I enjoyed the volunteering as I got to experience working with young people which has provided great experience for job applications.

To complete the physical section I built on what I had already started to achieve in the gym, and had a member of staff (who was also a personal trainer) check that I was making the improvements necessary to meet the criteria for the award. Going to the gym was something I enjoyed before starting the award, but completing it for the physical section gave an aim and enabled me to see the progress I had made throughout the year.

As I had already completed the Silver D of E award, I only had to do a new skill for a 6 month period. My new skill was learning to drive! As well as completing the section for the award, learning to drive was a great experience and is a useful life skill to have.

The expeditions was my favourite part of doing the D of E Gold award. We had to complete 2 practice walks before doing the final, and our final took place in the Lake District. We stayed in a Youth Hostel in Keswick the night before setting off, and finished at Lake Buttermere 5 days later. The expeditions are always challenging, as we had to plan our routes and navigate using an Ordnance Survey map, compass, and route cards - which we had written with Mr Marsh a few weeks before the expedition took place. Part of the expedition criteria is to be self-sufficient, meaning between us, we each had a backpack and in them we had to carry all the food, cooking equipment, tents, sleeping bags, toiletries, and first aid kits that we would be using throughout the expedition! We stayed at different campsites along the way, and after a long day's walking it was nice to relax, have a hot meal, and play cards in the evenings - the camping was a great part of the experience. We had an early start every day, and once the tents were taken down we'd be setting off for another day of walking. Doing the expeditions really improves your teamwork skills, as navigating through places none of us had been to before was quite challenging, and we definitely had to motivate each other when the weather was awful and we were tired! As well as having a great team, the beauty of the Lake District definitely made the experience even better, and a little more bearable towards the end!

For the residential, I spent a week at Aztec Adventure outdoor activity centre in Bromsgrove: the residential involved team building activities, as well as doing canoeing and kayaking. During the week we spent most days on the reservoir working towards achieving our 1 Star British Canoe Union award, and the Level 1 Royal Yachting Association qualifications. We did other team building activities throughout the week, had a barbecue and campfire, and spent a day canoeing down the River Severn which was great fun! I'm not overly confident in water, so doing this residential was a great challenge and experience for me - as we capsized our boats quite a few times! I really enjoyed the residential and made some great friends, as well as achieving the 1 Star BCU and Level 1 RYA awards.

Completing the Duke of Edinburgh award has been an invaluable experience and I cannot recommend it enough!


Finally, we would just like to say a huge congratulations to Georgia and we wish her all the best in the future! A true inspiration!