Changes to the Manor Academy’s Governance Arrangements

As part of the Academy’s drive for ‘Excellence Through Innovation’ the Governing Body recently completed an in depth review of its structure, size and composition.

The Academy looked at a number of governance models and developed one that ultimately reduced the time spent in the Board Room to enable more time for governors to scrutinise, challenge and monitor the most critical areas of the Academy’s Development Plan.

School Governors are now to be known as ‘Directors’ to reflect the new ‘business ready’ focus; they will now come together to form the Board of Directors.

In addition, standing committees have been replaced by working parties, at which school leaders and directors will ensure that the Academy operates effectively and in accordance with its policy and statutory obligations.

Margaret Lovell, who is Chair of the Board of Directors, commenting on the changes, said ‘’I am really pleased with the new governance structure approved by my colleagues, it will ensure that we continue to improve our Academy’s results at a fast rate and always provide the very best education for our students’, whilst embracing the challenges of education in the 21st Century’’