Music at Manor Academy invites students to explore many areas of music through Performance, Composition and Listening/Appraising.

Students have the exciting opportunity to learn characteristics of many genres through learning a variety of musical instruments. 

Year 7 and 8

At present Music is taught in year 7 and year 8 and students will study a variety of different units ranging from earlier music through to present day and world music such as Samba and African drumming. Much of the work in year 7 is based around keyboard work and in year 8, students are given the opportunity of creating music through ICT. Music units are purposely chosen to equip students with appropriate skills and knowledge needed for further study. 

Facilities and Resources

The music department at Manor is fully equipped with 2 teaching classrooms, one with computers. Practice rooms for instrumental teaching and extra-curricular activities and a range of musical instruments for pupil use. 

Manor Music Academy provides external music tutors for students who wish to develop skills in playing specific instruments.