Subject Leader – Miss P Shanahan (shanahanp@themanor.notts.sch.uk) 


History at the Manor Academy is a popular, thriving subject which aims to interest and engage all students. The units are designed to give students an understanding of how societies and governments on a local, national and international level have been developed over time – in essence, students study why they are the people they are. We use a variety of different source materials in lessons to engage students and encourage them to become independent thinkers. A lot of focus is put on ensuring students are supported effectively in History where required, but also challenged to ensure students have high expectations of themselves and to further develop their historical thinking. 

Key Stage 3 

At key stage 3 students study a wide range of topics in History; these are organised chronologically to ensure that all students have an understanding of development over time. By giving students a good chronological understanding it builds the blocks for the students to succeed in GCSE History. 

Year 7


  1. 1.    Chronological understanding
  2. 2.    Everyday life in Medieval Britain
  3. 3.    Everyday life in Early Modern Britain
  4. 4.    Everyday life in 19th Century Britain

Year 8


  1. 1.    Impact of the industrial revolution
  2. 2.    The First World War-how did Britain Change? (1914-1939)
  3. 3.    The impact of Second World War on the world (1939-1991)
  4. 4.    Britain and ‘’The Other’’ (1700-2019)


All students will study the Edexcel History GCSE course. The course is taught across three years in order to allow the students to develop their skills to ensure they are fully prepared for their GCSE. The course aims to allow students to develop their understanding of History both in England and across the world. The course is aimed to support progression to A Level should the student choose to take History further at the Manor Academy. 

Year 9

Students will study the American West between 1835-1895 for example the decline the way of life of the native American Indians and the conflicts between cattle ranchers and homesteaders and Elizabethan England between 1558-1588 where we will investigate the issue of religion in England and the threat from invasion from Europe such as the Spanish Armada. 

Year 10

Students will study Medicine through time from 1250-present day where we will investigate the development of methods of prevention and treatment of illness and the advancement of medical technology as well as key individuals who where pinnacle in the development of medicine over time. 

Students will also study Nazi Germany such as the fall of the Weimer Republic and the rise to power of the Nazis and how and why this happened. 

Year 11

Students will continue the study of Nazi Germany as well as revision of all topics studied throughout GSCE History. 

These units allow students to develop and extend their knowledge of history but it also allows the students the opportunity to develop the ability to ask relevant questions about the past. 


The History Department tries to offer a range of activities across the year. These include school trips, afterschool booster sessions and revision activities during the holidays.