Subject Leader – Mr L Hall


Engineering at Manor Academy is a subject area which aims to interest future engineers and engage all students in the different aspects of engineering. We provide every student with opportunities to make excellent progress, to develop in self-confidence. The studied are varied and tasks are challenging, resulting in BTEC qualifications in KS4. The staff bring a wide range of skills and interests to the subject and I aim to do this in a supportive atmosphere that enforces high course works and workshop standards at all times.

Key Stage 3

At key stage 3 students study a wide range of topics Including; Mounding, Electrical and Electronics, forces, Structures, workshop skills. KS3 is vital in Engineering as it builds the blocks to ensure students are successful at BTEC, as it allows the student to put in practice a wide range of engineering skills. To support the learning complete a range of projects, with the projects including;

Hovercrafts, bridges, Boats, Electric cars, planes, electronics circuits.

Year 8

Though the themes of Hovercrafts, Bridges, Boats, Electric cars, Planes, Electronics circuits, Engineering basic principles are considered.

Year 9

The projects delivered in year 9 build up from the understanding gained in year 8.

Focusing on secondary machining skills, hand tool use.

BTEC Level 2

All students study BTEC Engineering award level 2.

The course includes the study of the following Units:

Unit 1, The Engineering World

Unit 2, Investigating an Engineering product

Unit 7, Secondary machining techniques

Unit 1 allows the students to gain knowledge of the vast area engineering covers, while Unit 2 get the students to run analysis on the production of an engineering product.

Facilities and resources

The Subject has access to it’s own secondary machining workshop which includes; Milling machines, Lathes and drilling machines, as well as having access to computer rooms to report writing and CAD working.