Subject Leader – Eileen Dunn (


Business Studies provides students with skills and knowledge that will support the development into a range of different career paths. Students will understand how a business begins as a small enterprise growing into a successful Multinational, deepening an understanding of the external business environment, considering the economic environment, as wells as how to manage a successful business. Business Studies will enable students to develop as effective and independent learners and reflective thinkers with an enquiring mind; the skills that will enable success academically and professionally.


Business Studies Edexcel and is taught through a holistic approach to the subject, we demonstrate the interrelated nature of business using business models, theories and techniques to support analysis of contemporary business issues and situations. Our content is designed to engage students through topics and issues that are relevant in today’s society – they will study key contemporary developments such as digital technology and business ethics, and globalisation is covered throughout the topics. Students will develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyse data, think critically about issues and make informed decisions – all skills that are needed for further study and employment.

Year 9:

In year 9 students will study a range of topics such as Enterprise and entrepreneurship, spotting a business opportunity, putting business into practice and making this effective and finally understanding external influences on business.

Year 10:

In year 10 students are introduced into the idea of growing a business and making marketing and product decisions. They will also have to consider financial and human resource decisions in a business content.

Year 11:

In year 11 students will revise and practice exam technique in preparation for their examinations.


There will be an opportunity to understand business through real life experience, as we provide an A’ level visit to the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Liverpool, allowing students to apply their theoretical concepts to an international business. Further to this they will have the chance to attend a grade booster revision session with Tutor2u, prior to their A’ Level examinations.