Modern Foreign Languages

Entry Requirements:

GCSE B or above in the chosen language.

Why should I take this course?

If you are considering an A level in a modern language, it is likely that you have already studied a language at GCSE level. In some respects, doing an AS/A level will be a continuation of what you did at GCSE. You will still practise the same skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking), however, there is a big gap between GCSE and AS/A level standards. You will gain a much deeper understanding of grammar and extended vocabulary in order to understand and explain detailed viewpoints about a range of topics including media, popular culture and healthy living.

How will I be assessed?

100% Examinations, (written, speaking, reading and listening.)

What careers might this course lead to?

Modern Languages can lead to a number of careers involving foreign travel or requiring foreign links, e.g. import/export; airlines; travel industry; event management; teaching languages; summer schools abroad and translation or interpreting.