Business Studies

Entry Requirements:

Grade 5 in English and grade 6 in Maths.

Why should I take this course?

Business impacts upon all our lives. If you are interested in the global economy today and tomorrow and have questions you want answering such as: How did an idea become a company worth $741.8 Billion? Why would a business such as VW behave unethically? How does a business make corporate strategic decisions? How does business impact upon society? These are the kinds of questions you will find answers too when studying Business.

Course structure:

At AS Level, topics covered include: What is a business? Managers and leadership; decision making to improve performance of the business in the four key areas, marketing, finance, operations and human resources.

At A2 students study strategic decision making, considering the impact of technology on strategic decision making. The influences of corporate social responsibility, ethical and environmental issues on strategic decisions. The difficulties in forecasting future trends. The importance of assessing feasibility and risk when making strategic decisions. The impact on stakeholders of strategic decisions and their response to such decisions.

How will I be assessed?

The question papers use a variety of assessment styles including multiple choice, short answer, data response, essay and case studies so that students feel more confident and engage with the questions. Real life case studies will be used wherever possible to make it easier for students to relate to and apply their knowledge and skills developed throughout the course.

It is assessed through examinations. AS Business Studies will be a one year examination that will be assessed in two final examination.

A2 Business Studies will be a two year course which will also be assessed at the end through three final papers.

What careers might this course lead to?

Business Studies provides a good grounding in many subject areas and provides a breadth which enables students to go on to a range of degree courses and careers? Including Marketing, Public Relations, and International Business Law.