Entry Requirements:

B core, B additional and C further additional.

Why should I take this course?

You should study Biology if you have a passion for the natural world and/or the human body and how they function; if you have enjoyed Biology at GCSE level; if you wish go on to further study in biology or a related area; if you want to further develop your biological knowledge and scientific skills; if you are interested a career in biology or health care.

Course structure:

Over the two years of study, the course covers the following topics; biological molecules, cells, organisms exchange substances with their environment, genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms, energy transfers in and between organisms, organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments, genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems and the control of gene expression.

How will I be assessed?

AS Biology : 2x 1.5 hour written exams. A Level Biology : 3x 2 hour written exams. Practical skills are teacher assessed throughout both courses and are endorsed separately to the external assessment.

What careers might this course lead to?

Careers include; doctor, nurse, midwife, dentist, paramedic or other health care professions, vet, teacher, forensic scientist, research biologist (lab or field based), medical writer, careers in conservation or environmental management, zoo keeper, science museum curator, biotechnology, politics, economics, business and many, many more.