GCSE Geography (AQA)

Why should I take this course?

Studying geography gives you the opportunity to travel the world via the classroom, learning about both natural and social sciences along the way. You will understand how geography impacts on everyday life and discover the key opportunities and challenges facing the world. You will also develop academic and life skills from writing, teamwork and communication to analytical skills. If you want to become a well-rounded citizen who can participate in society and discussions about the world Geography is the course for you!

What careers might this course lead to?

Luckily for you, Geography can lead to an amazing variety of jobs, as you will develop a wide range of skills, which lead to employability in any job.

Some specific examples include:

• Cartographer.

• Commercial/residential surveyor.

• Environmental consultant.

• Geographical information systems officer.

• Planning and development surveyor.

• Secondary school teacher.

• Town planner

Typical employers of people who study geography include:

• Local government;

• The Civil Service;

• The armed forces;

• Ministry of Defence;

• Police service;

• Private companies;

• Environmental consultancies