GCSE English Language & English Literature

Why should I take this course?

As a core subject, English Language is one of the two most important GCSE’s offered in secondary schools. It is one of two subjects that is used to benchmark student attainment and capability across the UK. The vast majority of further education courses (A levels, Diplomas, BTEC’s etc.) stipulate that a strong pass in English Language is essential. Nearly all colleges and employers will require applicants to state what grade they attained in GCSE English Language.

Coupled with English Language, English Literature is a very important and highly regarded GCSE. We are of the view that the vast majority of students should, and will, study Language and Literature; effectively allowing students to obtain two GCSEs in English alone. GCSE English Literature offers you the chance to study classic literature, poetry and some contemporary novels in combination with the topics studied as part of the GCSE English Language course.

What career might these courses lead to?

From Architecture to Zoology, GCSE English will help you to:
• work independently
• be creative
• think critically
• communicate your ideas with confidence
• think logically.

Those with English qualifications progress on to the following jobs:

Sports Journalist, Lawyer, Teacher, Film Director, Public Relations Executive, Fashion Journalist, Author, Newsreader, Politician, Actor, Architect, Creative Director, Scriptwriter, and many others.