GCSE Business Studies

Why should I take this course?

Business Studies provides you with skills and knowledge that will support your development into a range of different career paths. As a student of Business you will understand how a business begins as a small enterprise growing into a successful Multinational, deepening an understanding of the external business environment, considering the economic environment, as wells as how to manage a successful business. You will develop as an effective and independent learner and reflective thinker with an enquiring mind; the skills that will enable you to find success academically and professionally.

What careers might this course lead to?

Studying business will provide the skills and qualifications need to follow a variety of different career paths, as well as providing the knowledge to start your own business enterprise. Many students have studied A’ level Business and then progressed on to university to study arrange of business degrees from Business Finance, Marketing, International Business, Business Management. Past students have included students working in International Marketing for Advertising Agencies, Business Law, Architecture, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Account Handlers, Product Development Managers, Teachers. As well as following an apprenticeship programmes within Banking and for Multinational companies.