Knowledge Organisers

Welcome to our Manor Academy Knowledge Organisers.

Here you will find the suite of Knowledge Organisers which have been created for each subject in Year 11.

A Knowledge Organiser is a support booklet which contains all the key knowledge for each GCSE and BTEC subject and provides our students with practice examples so they can apply this knowledge. In addition, the Knowledge Organiser provides a revision tools section, in which students can revise independently using the powerful knowledge they have been given and they can check their progress against the unit sheets which are at the front of the booklet.

Our Year 11 students have received coaching about how to use these Knowledge Organisers using a ‘Diagnose, Therapy, Test’ approach to learning and revision and we have made available a similar coaching session for students, parents and carers to access, should you wish to find out more detailed information about our Knowledge Organisers and how to use them. Please use the link below directing you to a video of the coaching session.

Knowledge Organiser Coaching Session

We hope that students of The Manor Academy find our Knowledge Organisers a truly useful tool to support their learning both at home and in school and to prepare them for their future exams and assessments.