Year 8

Students in Year 8 will be provided with a continuation of the broad and balanced curriculum, including all the core subjects with a wide range of extra subjects from the areas of Design and Technology, Performing Arts and Physical education. We firmly believe that students in Year 8 should be able to find and develop interests in a wide range of subjects which may spark the beginning of a passion which may lead to a career way in the future.

Students in Year 8 will receive a full breadth of outstanding extra curriculum opportunities and pastoral care throughout the academic year. Each morning Monday to Thursday all students will receive 15 minutes of tutor time and once a week they will receive an assembly where they will learn about a full array of topical issues ranging from current affairs, personal development and learn new skills to enhance their ability to understand their place in the world and how they can shape it in a positive manner.  Students have the opportunity to be part of the school Senate giving them an opportunity to drive the ACHIEVE agenda within school as part of the student voice, influencing the school environment which better reflects their needs and that of their peers. Students will also have tutor competitions throughout the year rewarding those students who are following expectations and demonstrating our Achieve agenda in how the conduct themselves in and around school.

During the year all students will receive 3 Drop Down days where they will be off timetable learning about PSHE topics, Fundamental British values and careers. Students will also have the opportunity to go on trips during these days. The venues include visiting the Galleries of Justice and the caves in Nottingham and a trip to the Zoo. On the careers day, students get to meet employers and colleges and are given the opportunity to formulate ideas of the places they would like their career to lead. The trips enable students to gain an understanding of Britain and the world and to look at our values and beliefs systems and how they have changed over time. The trip to the zoo is a great team-building opportunity, always enjoyed by the students, where they think about the environment and conservation.

Students in year 8 will have access to a Pastoral team with vast experience in supporting and celebrating student success in all its forms be that academic or extra curriculum as we want our students to be able to express and follow their aspirations.  The year team are also able to support students when they need advice and guidance when they face the challenges which come along as a natural part of growing up in a modern and forwarding thinking community.