Year 12

Here at the Manor College I and Miss Firman, 6th form pastoral support officer, are dedicated to ensuring your child settles into the College. I know how much of a big step it is to transition from Secondary school to College and we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible. We look forward to supporting students at the beginning of their journey to becoming an adult.

All students will have a tutor who is the first point of call if they have any questions or feel that they need some support. Their tutor will see the student every day and are therefore able to build a positive relationship over their 2 years here at Manor College. Tutors are responsible for discussing achievement, behaviour and attendance. In a morning, they have a rota of activities to complete such as PSHE and current affairs discussions.

We offer a wide range of subjects from stem courses to language course.

During their time at College we encourage them to run extra-curricular clubs such as sports clubs, dance club, drama club, arts clubs and many more. We want students to develop skills such as independence, resilience, confidence, teamwork and leadership. We encourage students to always give their best effort, not be afraid to make mistakes and have a smile on their face!

We run a 3 day residential To Hagg farm activity centre (unfortunately this has not been able to run for the 2020 cohort due to COVID-19). The aim is to build strong relationships with new peers and confidence. Students will be taken on trips to UCAS fairs and university open days. We provide support to them in applying to university and apprenticeships through tutor time, study periods and drop down days. We aim to positively reward the students over the school year through a number of events such as celebration assemblies and special personal rewards. Students have the opportunity to have a voice in our school by joining the College senate. We want the students to be happy at Manor College and be proud to represent the school. They are encouraged to challenge themselves and have high aspirations which they can build throughout their time at the Manor College. Our Raison d'être is to support the student on the journey to their successful future.