Year 11

At The Manor Academy the ACHIEVE ethos is core to all our activities and drives us to push our students to achieve the very best outcomes in Year 11.  The focus is on preparing and equipping students with the knowledge and skills to complete their qualifications and take the first steps towards their future, whether that be Manor College or in the wider community.

The curriculum in Year 11 is very much a continuation of Year 10, focusing on completing coursework components and preparing for examinations (primarily in May & June but some can be as early as January). As part of this we have a Mock Exam week in November for all examined subjects and a further series of mocks in March for Maths, English & Science. We have found that completing a number of mock examinations in a style similar to actual GCSE examinations allows students to become accustomed to the processes and to reflect on areas for development in exams to ensure they are fully prepared for their final GCSE examinations. Reflective learning is a key part of our approach to education at the Manor Academy and this allows us to practise this in time for the most crucial part of our students’ education to date, where students consider where they need to improve and how they should improve to enable them to reach their full potential.

Year 11 is a challenging time for many young people so our pastoral team are available throughout the school day to offer any support we can. Your child’s tutor is the first port of call for pastoral support and will happy to provide help and guidance. There is also a Pastoral Support Officer linked to the year group who is there to offer further support to students around well-being, behavioural needs or for safeguarding,. This is alongside the Head of Year who oversees the pastoral care for each year group. We celebrate success wherever possible, be it a small token to say well done or a termly rewards assembly where we celebrate together as a year group. Of course, being Year 11 it is the end of an era for our students and we mark the end of their time at the Manor Academy with a leaver’s day and a Prom after their last exams have been completed to celebrate the end of Key Stage 4.

Within tutor time we aim to offer a comprehensive PSHE curriculum to further broaden students’ knowledge of the wider world around them. We also offer the opportunity as we progress through the academic year for students who feel they need further support in certain subject areas to attend further sessions during Friday tutor time. Working in smaller groups, these sessions aim to secure knowledge in a less formal environment, an opportunity previous students have found incredibly useful. In order to allow for enrichment opportunities, we offer Drop-Down Days including a day where local business come to school to give students the chance to interview with real employers. In the past this has given students an idea of how interviews work and has resulted in students being offered jobs for when they leave! The Year 11 PSHE curriculum ensures that students leave equipped and prepared for the modern world.