Year 10

In Year 10 at Manor Academy the students start Key Stage 4, an important phase for their education where formal examination courses begin. This year is the start of the exciting opportunity for students to experience GCSE learning for the first time, to take their first steps in a refined and more specialised curriculum and to prepare for their future exams. We endeavour to build upon solid foundations of learning from Key Stage 3 and use this as a catalyst towards achieving the very best outcomes in their GCSE and BTEC courses. The students continue to study core subjects in Maths, English and Science as well as their chosen option subjects - History or Geography in Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages as well as a breadth of further GCSEs and BTECs chosen as part of the options process.

Beyond the classroom the Year 10’s will also receive a bespoke package further enhancing their learning experience on a broader level. During PSHE and Tutor time the students discuss and reflect on current affairs issues developing their cultural, social and health understanding. Furthermore, the Manor Academy’s Drop Down days allow the students in Year 10 the opportunity for educational visits to Higher education establishments during the winter term. This leads to a work placement at the end of the academic year in July which further sharpens their focus before Year 11 and the next steps in their learning journey.

The Tutor Team, Pastoral Support Officer and Head of Year support and lead the students through this challenging but ultimately rewarding year where the cohort will be very well placed to move into Year 11 and achieve the very best outcomes for themselves to take the next steps in their education and lives.