Wider Curriculum Intent


The Academy is committed to ensuring that its most vulnerable students have access to a curriculum that is ambitious but at the same time fit-for-purpose to meet their needs on an individual basis. As an inclusive school, we ensure that the vast majority of students are supported in mainstream lessons using a comprehensive pupil passport system to allow teachers to plan and deliver effective differentiation and support within their lessons. Students with SEND are further supported by a SEND mentoring system which allows them to be supported throughout their time in school. Our students with SEND are supported and guided to an appropriately challenging curriculum on an individual basis, with a ‘pathway 3’ option involving a wide range of vocational options. To ensure that students with SEND are given access to a broad and balanced curriculum offer, all students are given choices around the subject options they take and all students without an EHC plan complete a full progress 8 suite of courses. For students who are not able to access mainstream education, a ‘pathway 4’ range of subjects is followed by students in the Manor Alternative Provision, which allows them to access a range of GCSE level courses, including English, maths and science and vocational options.


For more information regarding the work we carry out regarding SEND, please click on the following link. SEND Manor Academy

Disadvantaged Students

At Manor we pride ourselves on prioritising the learning needs of our disadvantaged students. We build aspirations and self-esteem by discussing short and long term targets to highlight what students are good at and increase awareness of possible career opportunities. Through the Zorba process class teachers consider which barriers disadvantaged students may have when planning lessons and check they understand and prioritise them giving verbal praise and achievement points. To motivate students we ensure that we start each lesson being positive and enthusiastic with our disadvantaged students and encourage full participation and look for opportunities to celebrate their successes in lessons to build confidence. All staff follow the First, First, First strategy to ensure disadvantaged students are a priority when marking books, asking questions and checking they understand learning tasks. In lessons we allow disadvantaged students to offer their views and answers more frequently by planning tasks that require them to communicate with others. Finally we expect the highest standards of disadvantaged students at all times and prioritise them by giving guidance and support in all aspects of school life.

EnrichmentIMG 3666

An additional out of school hour’s programme includes a range of activities that intend to broaden and enrich the learning experience for our students. For students wishing to improve their problem solving skills they can participate in clubs such as Chess Club. Those wanting to further develop their knowledge of literature can engage in either the Library Club, Manga Club or Young Writers Club. The reintroduction of the Duke of Edinburgh Award allows students to develop, leadership and navigation skills through planning and completing expeditions.

Aspiration, future routes and careers:

In line with the School’s rationale to ‘Achieve’, the curriculum supports students to “aspire” through a cross curricular approach to delivering careers information, education advice and guidance.   Throughout the key stages, students are inspired to learn more about the world of work and employability through careers education in PSHE, the careers activities which are delivered as part of their drop down days and the careers activities which are embedded into curriculum subjects.


Mutually beneficial relationships have been established with a range of employers from a range of sectors including those which make up a large proportion of the local labour market (Engineering, Health and Social Care, Business, Construction and Retail) to help raise students’ aspirations and help prepare them for the world of work. Preconomy, Asmech Engineering, Rolls Royce, J Tomlinson Construction, Futures Housing Group, NHS, JoinedUp Careers, Morrisons, Marstons, APC Accountants, Nottinghamshire County Council, Cherubs Nursery, HMRC and Department for Work and Pensions have all contributed to the schools careers programme. The programme which includes career insight assemblies, trips, employer-led workshops and initiatives are key to inspiring and engaging students to think about their own future across the key stages.

In KS4 onwards, the careers programme supports students to develop their career management and employability skills through employer led workshops to support students with writing CV’s, developing interview techniques and preparing them for the world of work in preparation for their work experience placement. 

The careers programme also provides students with the opportunity to network with local and national employers by hosting mock interview events, careers fairs and apprenticeship events with the ultimate aim of increasing students’ prospects of employment alongside fulfilling the demands of the local labour market.


The careers programme aims to support students to make well informed decisions about their future.  Partnerships with local and national, further and higher education establishments ensure that students are informed and educated about a wide range of both Post 16 and Post 18 options through the delivery of a variety of assemblies, workshops and trips to establishments across the key stages.  Trips to the University of Cambridge aim to raise student aspirations and to challenge the barriers students may face when contemplating applying to such prestigious universities.

Achieve Days

The school remains committed to the principle of a three year KS4 because we believe it best meets the needs of our students. However, we do recognise that it means our students will not study the full range of National Curriculum subjects in Year 9. To address this, the school has committed to four afternoons of curriculum enrichment for year 9, to ensure further coverage of geographical, historical, RE, musical, MFL, technological, ICT and physical arts elements.

The Academy has further four further ‘Achieve Drop Down Days’ that enrich the curriculum by developing learning of Fundamental British Values, including through the school’s own ‘Achieve Values’, as well as careers education and PSHE. These are run on a five year basis, ensuring that all students are given the opportunity to experience all activities, following the programme below:


Year 11 have a careers and mock interview day in October.

FBV day – extra day in term 3 for years 7-10.