KS4: Years’ 10 & 11ASC4556

All students study the following:

  • English – Language and Literature (5 hours per week)
  • Mathematics (5 hours per week)
  • Science – Double or Triple Award (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) (4 hours per week or 7 hours per week)
  • PE (1 hours per week)
  • RE (1 hours per week)

Pathway 1 students apply to study triple science, and are advised on an individual basis on the appropriateness of this route. We encourage identified ‘scientists of the future’ to pursue triple award.  

At Manor most students then study a further four subjects across a variety of ‘routes’, choosing from the following GCSE and Vocational options:

GCSE options: 3 hours per weekASC3988

  • Languages: French or Spanish
  • Humanities: History or Geography
  • Art
  • Business Studies
  • Computing
  • Design & Technology (Product Design)
  • Film Studies
  • Sociology
  • Religious Studies
  • Statistics

Vocational options: 3 hours per week

  • Travel & Tourism BTEC
  • Construction BTEC
  • Sport BTEC
  • Music Technology BTEC
  • Performing Arts BTEC
  • Food Technology BTEC
  • Engineering
  • Hair and Beauty VTCT Level 2
  • Health and Social Care BTEC

KS4 Pathways:

To meet the needs of all learners, we offer four routes through KS4; each designed around pathways into post 16 education, employment or training.

Pathway 1:  Students complete a Language AND History/Geography plus two options of their choice (approx. 40%)

Pathway 2: Students complete History/Geography plus three options of their choice (approx.. 40%)

Pathway 3: Students study History or Geography and three options of their choice from the vocational options (approx 18%)

Pathway 4: Students in the Alternative Provision (AP) study History or Geography and three vocational subjects (approx. 2%)

Pathway 1 allows students to achieve the Ebacc, a measure the current Government envisage 90% of students to achieve by 2025.  We currently believe, that for our students, around 40% is the right number to study a language and a humanity subject.  Pathway’s 2, 3 and 4 are designed specifically to allow students appropriate routes into Level 3 qualification, employment or training.  Again, it is our belief, that this is a KS4 curriculum that is ambitious for all learners, and offers every student the opportunity to be successful, whatever interests, skills or abilities they have.

Additional qualifications:

KS4 students also have the opportunity to study further maths.


Plays a key part in students’ learning across the whole curriculum at Manor, and is set regularly in most subjects. Homework is set via the student planner, which is checked by both the tutor and parents.  At Manor we view homework as an opportunity for students to work independently to consolidate both knowledge and skills. Skills and knowledge based homework is work that is set to be completed outside of the timetabled classroom. It is designed to allow students to build both the skills and knowledge required for each subject that they are studying. Research shows that students have increased success in complex tasks (E.g. examinations, problem solving etc.) when they have a detailed knowledge of subject content and the skills required to apply this knowledge. By committing the skills and knowledge required to long term memory, it frees up working memory so that processing information is easier when solving problems.

Homework at The Manor Academy is therefore designed to allow students to memorise and learn content through condensing key information into knowledge organisers and linking this to recall in the classroom. Additionally, it will allow students to practise the skills required for specific subjects within the curriculum. This style of homework also promotes and builds independent study skills needed for study beyond the academy.

The class teacher sets the homework task and is responsible for monitoring the completion of homework by viewing and rewarding achievement points on SIMS. Where condensed revision resources have been completed for homework in KS4, teachers will ensure these are collated over time to ensure students have their own bank of revision notes that can be used to recall knowledge and to preparing for assessments. Students who have not completed homework will be issued with a yellow sanction and they will be expected to complete the homework task during that time. The student’s tutor will also help to monitor the amount of independent study that is being completed by each student in their tutor group. Students will be expected to show tutors examples of their practice and revision homework tasks as well as their planners highlighting set homework, completed homework and the time taken to complete each task.