Covid 19 School opening FAQ's

Now the bubbles are no longer having their own room for the day/week they remain in, how do the school plan to clean down each room, so the desks and chairs after each class swaps over?

The desks are cleaned periodically throughout the school day by 3 full time cleaners working onsite, students have anti-bacterial wipes they are free to use at any point to wipe down their own desk if they are still concerned. All students have been informed by SLT today 3.9.2020

How are the school going to police mask wearing, and how do they protect those exempt from masks from ridicule from others?

Everyone is wearing a mask so they will not stand out in any way. Understandably, other children may feel uncomfortable if a student is not wearing a mask because they are genuinely fearful for their safety too.

The original plan meant if someone in that classroom/bubble showed symptoms they could isolate those 30 students.

The original plan did not segregate the bubbles any lower that the whole year group as they were always intended to be together at break and lunchtime. This is a misinterpretation of the information.

Now what will the school do should someone show symptoms, isolate the whole school?

This is detailed on the link in the Risk Assessment

Someone could have sat on a table after the infected person in the class before if they are not sterilising each desk and chair after every use.

Students are supervised washing their hands before they sit down at a desk in any room and the same again before leaving. The school have 3 cleaners onsite full time and 3 members of site staff constantly cleaning throughout the day, wipes are provided in every room for staff and students to use whenever they would like to. The guidance does not state chairs have to be cleaned after someone has sat on it.

Why have the school abandoned staggered drop offs, pick ups?

Because reducing lesson times hinders our ability to provide a full curriculum that is broad and balanced for all year groups. The DFE are insistent on the importance of this. Many parents of students in years’ 10-13 have contacted our pastoral leaders to raise concerns about missing lesson time after 6 months off school. Many talking about the decline in their children’s mental health and we do need to address this. Students wearing a mask and not making physical contact with others will significantly reduce their chances of spreading the virus.

Is there specific entrance/exits for set groups?

This is not required many schools only have one entrance

Do they have markers out so everyone keeps distance on entering and leaving to reduce the risks?


Does my child need to wear a mask?

Yes. This is to ensure that all children are safe and allows us to deliver the full school curriculum, which was not possible without using masks.

Are there any exceptions for children allowing them to not wear a mask?

If a child is under 12, they do not have to wear a mask as according to the government guidance, they are less likely to be able to transmit Covid-19, however, they need to wear a mask from their 12th birthday onwards. Also, children with medical difficulties are exempt from wearing a mask if following medical advice to not wear one.

How are the school still ensuring children’s safety?

There are significant and enhanced hygiene measures across the Academy that are thoroughly covered in our Risk Assessment. Students will remain in year group bubbles for their lessons, tutor time, breaks and lunches. They will be expected to wash their hands as they arrive on site and throughout the day. There are hand-gel stations in various places across the site. Social distancing between staff and students expectations will remain in place at all times. Full time contract cleaners will be working onsite all day, every day.

Can my child wear a mask in classrooms during lessons?

The expectation is for children to wear masks whilst on the school site.

How will my child be supported to catch-up with any missed learning?

Returning to our main timetable allows students to experience the full and diverse curriculum the Academy has to offer. In key stage 3 (years’ 7-9) some subjects are currently forbidden and they will be temporarily replaced with additional literacy lessons to support students in catching up with their English content. All teachers will check student knowledge when they return and extra support will be provided to children who require it.

Will the school’s behaviour policy be returning to normal?

No. The school will continue to use the Covid-19 addendum behaviour policy during this period, as children are not able to move between bubbles for detentions or for MIU. MIU consequences will continue to be virtual.

What if my child is in a SEND or AP bubble?

These bubbles will continue to operate away from year group bubbles, as previously planned and communicated.

How will the school’s pastoral system work?

This will continue to operate as normal, with Heads of Year and PSOs supporting students and with children being supported by their tutor, who will take them for tutor sessions on each day of the week, as per the normal school timetable.

What are the timings of the school day?

The school day timings have returned to normal. The school day for September 2020 can be found here

What face coverings should children bring to school?

We recommend that children should use disposal face-coverings at school and that they have at least one spare with them at all times. The school are not able to provide face-coverings for students to use.

How will the school ensure site safety in a morning?

There will always be several members of staff out on duty every morning before school and also at the end of the day, ensuring that students are safe as they arrive in school and leave site.

How will the school deal with any potential behavioural challenges?

The school’s behaviour policy still applies and any issues will be followed up on using the school systems which are outlined in the school behaviour policy and the temporary Covid addendum to the policy.