Additional Information

Criminal records (DBS)

Possession of a criminal record is not an automatic bar to employment at The Manor Academy.  We recognise the value of steady employment in the rehabilitation process and examine each case in its own right. All applicants will routinely be asked to provide details of current convictions and information about spent convictions will only be sought for jobs which have been identified as exceptions to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 due to the nature of the work involved. This type of job will also normally be subject to an Enhanced DBS check and this will be specified within the About the Job.

Diversity monitoring

We are committed to being a diverse and inclusive employer. Please complete this section as fully as possible to help us with our vital work on equality and diversity. The information provided in this section will be removed from your application and analysed on an anonymous basis to help inform our strategic action and decision-making. It will not influence your application in any way.

Your feedback

To help us with our on-going development of our on-line system and recruitment action in general, we welcome your feedback. Please send any comments or suggestions to the Human Resources Manager by email to