Tips on Completing your Application

The Manor Academy appreciates the effort and commitment involved in making a job application and want you to have a positive experience of applying for our jobs. To help you with your preparation, please consider the following guidance before submitting your application:

What will the recruiting strand be looking for?

  1. From the applications received for the job, the recruiting strand will aim to select the candidates best suited to undertake the role successfully and invite them to the next round of assessment. This will normally include an interview combined with some other form of assessment, such as a presentation, written test or practical test relevant to the role.
  2. Your application is your opportunity to convince the selection panel that they should select you to go through to the next phase of assessment. Remember that the selection panel will only be able to base their decisions upon the information provided in your application.
  3. We regularly receive high numbers of applications for many of our roles, so invest the time in ensuring that your application stands out. Provide the selection panel with a full picture of your ability to undertake the role by submitting a well-structured, informative and interesting application.

When completing an effective application for any role, make sure: 

  • all information provided is honest and accurate.
  • all sections of the application are presented clearly and concisely.
  • you tailor your application to meet the needs of the person specification. Make it easy for the selection panel to see how well you match the job.
  • all information provided is relevant to the job as described within the About the Job details.
  • you provide evidence of how your previous experience, skills and abilities mean that you match the needs of the job i.e. the abilities/skills specified within the essential/desirable criteria of the person specification. Remember that you may be able to draw from different areas of your life to provide relevant and useful examples, not just paid employment.
  • you provide a full and continuous history of your education/training and unemployment/work experience. Unexplained gaps are not helpful and will be explored with you in person if you are invited to attend an interview.
  • you complete all essential fields on the online application form. Incomplete application forms will not be accepted during HR review of applications.
  • you have checked all spelling and grammar.
  • any attachments are relevant, add value to your application and do not duplicate information provided in the main application.

Do not:

  • just confirm that you can do the criteria specified in the person specification without further explanation. You need to provide clear evidence of how you meet the criteria by giving examples which draw upon previous experience, from paid or voluntary employment, education or other interests.
  • cut and paste supporting statements between applications. This will be obvious to the selection panel and will have a negative impact on their consideration of your case.
  • overinflate achievements, keep them accurate and honest.
  • make it difficult for the selection panel to assess whether you match the criteria specified for the role. By structuring your application around the criteria identified for the job, you will make your application more relevant and easier to assess.

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