Year 7 Catch Up Programme

At the Manor Academy we aim to ensure that all students ACHIEVE and we look to use the catch up funding to support students to be successful in this.

In the KS2 tests a score of 100 is needed to achieve the status of “secondary ready”.

The Government has made a commitment to provide additional funding to schools for each year 7 pupil who did not achieve at least 100 in national curriculum tests in reading and/or mathematics. The purpose of this funding is to enable schools to deliver additional support for those pupils that most need it.

In Year 7, we have used this funding to employ Mr Feldman and he is responsible for delivering literacy (English) and numeracy (mathematics) to small groups of students.

Mr Feldman has been pivotal over previous years in ensuring that the majority of designated catch up students achieved the secondary ready status. The children enjoyed their lessons and the quotes below are from students who have received Catch up sessions:

“It has helped me with everything
“Ninga maths and intervention with Mr Feldman have helped me most”
“I have worked well and I feel more confident”
“English because there are spellings and grammar”
“I loved Ninga”

 Eligible students worked on a personalised programme of support which was based on the gaps in their key stage 2 knowledge. Our post 16 students also helped with the support offered to our Catch Up students in Y7. In addition, Catch Up students were withdrawn from languages in year 7, to allow them to have extra time on literacy and/or numeracy. This enabled them to consolidate their basic skills in English and mathematics.

 We have invested in Lexia, Read Write inc and IXL, all of which are used with our catch up students to support their progress, and they are able to use these packages at home to further accelerate their progress. The Hackney Literacy project is used with selected Year 7 students, including the Catch Up students.

All students who are eligible for catch up support are contacted by the Academy in the Autumn Term and their personalised plan of intervention will be shared with students and parents.

If you have any questions regarding the catch up provision at the Academy then please contact:
Mr M Cooper (Assistant Headteacher) -
Ms N Rowbottom (Maths Catch Up coordinator) -
Ms N Fay (English Catch Up coordinator) -
All will be happy to discuss your query.


Accelerated Reader is a tiered reading scheme, that gives students opportunity to engage with the library’s array of books at an appropriate level for their progression. After an initial reading assessment the students are given an individual grade that allows them to find books that fit their ability.

IXL is an online collection of educational maths resources, students are able to access this online outside of lessons and through the CatchUp’s collection of iPads in lessons. The service itself offers great flexibility to a wide variety of subjects with scope from year 1 level maths up to GCSE level topics.

Lexia an application on the iPads* walks students through the early stages of language acquisition, breaking down complex words and confirming their prior-understandings. The focus here is on grammar, spelling and phonics (the structure of letters and the way they combine to form the sounds prior to words). This is an in-depth resource that stretches from the basics of modern English, to the roots of the English language engaging with Latin and Greek.

Springboard mathematics is a progressive numeracy programme that develops students’ ability with numbers, actively aiming towards achievement of the ‘secondary ready’ standard. It picks up where SATs preparation leaves off and through diverse and engaging topic-intensive lessons realigns mathematical understandings to give students a fast and firm footing in secondary-level mathematics.

Read Write Inc. A literacy resource formed of 28 booklets that involves reading comprehension, vivid and imaginative stories, a variety of creative tasks and scrupulous questioning fundamental linguistics offers scope for significant advances in a student’s literacy skills. This resource offers swift advancement and tangible improvements, really helping the students see the results of their efforts.

Collin’s textbooks are the touch-up literacy book, for any students who are still making the little reading/writing mistakes that cost them more dearly than is fair. These texts offer broad subjects ranging from tales of Olaudah Equiano an Igbo boy sold into the slave trade in the 1700s to those of ‘The Hunger Games’. These resources give opportunity for students to develop a mature rounded literary voice and understanding.

The Hackney Literacy Project is an alternative scheme of learning which uses reciprocal teaching to provide students with core reading and comprehension skills that are useful in all their mainstream lessons. The students read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, and they must achieve several assessment focuses by answering targeted questions in each unit of work. This is an innovative and interesting project, which is accessible to all abilities and gives students the opportunity to teach each other the fundamental literacy expertise required to excel academically.