What type of support is available to my child?

We anticipate good progress in learning can be achieved during lessons for the majority of students though high quality teaching.  However, the Manor Academy makes additional resources targeted to ensure good progress is made for students with SEND.  This is used to provide the following forms of support.

Differentiated Work 

All members of staff, in every lesson, are expected to have an understanding of all student needs within that class and to differentiate their lesson accordingly to allow all students to access work, to progress and to achieve.

Student Individual Education Plans are shared with all teaching staff at the Academy and identify a child’s barriers to learning and suggest strategies that will help to support their education. They are evaluated every term to ensure that strategies are effective, are up to date, and that a student’s needs are being met across all lessons.

Learning Assistants 

Learning Assistants support teaching staff in lessons in a variety of ways. They may work with students on a one-to-one basis, in small group activities or through helping to differentiate work for students. They are trained in working with students with SEND.

Learning Assistants are allocated to students and classes on a need basis.

They are judged effective if they are able to support and facilitate a students’ learning needs. They are observed at least once per year to ensure that they are able to carry out the role effectively.

Alternative Providers 

We use a variety of outside providers, including alternative provision centres, Tryline (an outdoor learning programme) and one-to-one tutors.

Alternative provision is used only in exceptional circumstances where it is viewed that a child’s needs are unable to be effectively met within school provision.

At the beginning of any alternative provision programme targets are clearly set and are monitored regularly to ensure that the provision is having the intended effect.

1:1 support 

One-to-one support is provided on a limited basis for students where intensive intervention is required or where support is required on a personal basis.

This support will be evaluated by the member of the Development team delivering the support and will be judged against a student making progress in an identified area.

Small Group Work 

Small groups are used in various areas of the Academy. Learning Assistants may sometimes work with small groups in conjunction with a teacher. Small group intervention sessions are also run by members of the Flourish Development Team and include working with students with ASD, dyslexia and literacy difficulties.

These groups are allocated on a needs basis and are usually selected following the analysis of progress date.

These groups will be judged effective against set progress criteria identified at the start of the programme.

Support Mentors

A support mentor acts alongside a student’s Academic Mentor. They will meet regularly with their mentee to provide an extra level of care and guidance. This may take the form of liaising with teaching staff, sharing expert knowledge, working on interventions or extra support in a small group or one-to-one basis and through mentoring meetings to talk through issues. It is expected that Support Mentors meet their support mentee at least once per week and that all relevant school staff and particularly parents are kept regularly informed of progress, needs and support strategies.

In addition to this we also provide a number of forms of additional support available through parent/student Choice.

Breakfast Club  

Students may attend a breakfast club in the mornings in the café by invitation. Parents may request a place through the Academy SENCo.

Reading Club 

The library is available for students to use before school (8am-8.25am) at lunchtimes and after school (2.30-3.30). There are also reading clubs open to all students.

Homework Club

There are a number of homework clubs operating across the Academy which are open to all students. These can be subject focus or general in the Learning Centre.