How will the Manor Academy ensure my child achieves their full potential?

At the Manor Academy, we are committed to ensuring that all students achieve their absolute potential. We do this through excellent teaching, high quality learning support, regular tracking and data analysis and finally support and interventions where necessary. All students have an Academic Mentor who will help, support and guide them during their school career and who will set and monitor targets in our Personal Challenge Reviews and who will liaise with those at home. Where a student may need extra support beyond this, the Development Team are able to act as ‘Support Mentors’.

Support Mentors

A support mentor acts alongside a student’s Academic Mentor. They will meet regularly with their mentee to provide an extra level of care and guidance. This may take the form of liaising with teaching staff, sharing expert knowledge, working on interventions or extra support in a small group or one-to-one basis and through mentoring meetings to talk through issues. It is expected that Support Mentors meet their support mentee at least once per week and that all relevant school staff and particularly parents are kept regularly informed of progress, needs and support strategies.

Individual Education Plans (IEP)     

All SEND students at the Manor Academy have the Academy version of an IEP.
A member of the Flourish Development Team will meet at least once per term to produce and review the IEP. The IEP identifies a student’s barriers to learning and suggests strategies for learning for their teachers. They also provide an opportunity to review progress and to identify when more support is needed.

All SEND students at the Academy will automatically be eligible for an IEP. If a parent feels that their student would benefit from an IEP then contact should be made to the Flourish Strand Leader or a member of the Development Team to discuss this possibility.

Education Health Care Plan(EHC) -  Education, Health and Care Plans are a national provision for students who require further support than the Local Offer. They are only considered necessary when large amounts of support from various agencies is required.

An EHC plan can be applied for through the school, by parents, social services or the health service. Once an application has been made, the local authority will make a decision within two weeks on whether the plan should be approved. All involved agencies then have our weeks to complete a report on that student.

EHC plans provide a clear outline of actions expected of all agencies involved with a child. They are reviewed yearly. You can discuss EHC plans with the Academy SENCo or with other outside agencies if they are involved with your family.


Every student has an Academic Mentor at the Academy. The mentor will be selected from the teaching staff and will usually be from a subject area that your child has selected as one that they enjoy.

Academic Mentors are expected to meet with their mentees at least once every two weeks for fifteen minutes after school. They will discuss achievement and progress, attendance and any behaviour issues with their mentee. They will also keep in contact with home regularly and will help set and monitor Personal Challenge Targets.

Progress Reports

All parents and carers receive Progress Reports once per term. These clearly outline a student’s progress towards their academic targets, attendance and behaviour figures and also contain a positive strength and a development point for each subject area.

Celebration Event/Parents Evenings        

The Academy has two Celebration events per year which are open to all students at the Academy. These events allow students to showcase their learning and achievements whilst also acting as a Parent’s consultation evening, allowing parents/carers to meet individual class teachers on a one-to-one basis split into five minute appointment sessions.

It is hoped that all parents/carers attend Strand Celebration events. All teachers will be available on the night with the event running from 4pm-9pm.

Personal Challenge Meetings 

At the beginning of the Academic Year all Students will have yearly targets set in a Personal Challenge meeting. These meetings take place over a two week period and happen during the day and in evening sessions arranged by parents on a convenience basis. The Academic Mentor will help to set these targets, will monitor them throughout the year in mentoring sessions and will review them at the end of the Academic year.

It is hoped that all parents will attend a meeting and contribute to setting and monitoring their child’s targets.