How does the Manor Academy arrange specialist expertise for my child?

When a student’s needs can be further supported by being referred to an outside agency, the SEND Team will submit a referral either via the Academy's own referal systems or via the local authority springboard meetings. If a parent feels that a referral is necessary then they should contact the Academy Deputy SENCo, Anna Barker.

Education Psychologist 

The Educational Psychologist assists in supporting the Academy to meet a child’s educational needs. This may be through working with the child or through suggesting strategies that may help with learning.

A student may be eligible for this support if the Academy feels that it needs more support in meeting their educational needs. Educational Psychologists can become involved when a child has ASD, ADHD, has social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, or when they are unable to access mainstream education.

Contact that School SENCo to discuss a referral to the educational psychologist. However, please be aware that this support is extremely limited in its availability.


The mental health team deals with students with mental health issues, problems and concerns, following an assessment that takes place usually within 8 months, a child will be either offered support or pointed towards other agencies that can help.

Any student with mental health issues can be referred to CAMHS.

Contact your child's PSO if you feel that your child needs support via this service.