The Manor Academy Staff


Dick Vasey
Executive Head Teacher
Katrina Kerry
Head of School
Rob Gladwin
Deputy Head Teacher
John Sully
Assistant Head Teacher
Adie Bett
Assistant Head Teacher
Martin-Cooper.jpg Chris-Hudson_2.jpg
Martin Cooper
Associate Assistant Head Teacher
Chris Hudson
Associate Assistant Head Teacher
SEN Co-ordinatior
[email protected]

Staff Contact Information

Pastoral Support Officers 

Y7 - Mr Derricott Extension 230 [email protected]
Y8 - Mr Matthews Extension 297 [email protected]
Year 9 & 11 - Miss Nettleship Extension 242 [email protected]
Year 10 - Mrs Hodgson Extension 275 [email protected]

Tutor Group


E-mail address

Year 7

Head of Year Miss E. Rawson [email protected]
7.1 Miss N. Fay [email protected]
7.2 Miss Z. Lees [email protected]
7.3 Miss E. Berridge [email protected]
7.4 Miss H. Austin [email protected]
7.5 Miss E. Cooper [email protected]
7.6 Miss H. Bateman [email protected]

Year 8

Head of Year Mr L. Roberts [email protected]
8.1 Mr N. Barden [email protected]
8.2 Miss I. Poultney [email protected]
8.3 Miss K. Marriott [email protected]
8.4 Mr A. Mullan [email protected]
8.5 Mrs R. Burrows [email protected]
8.6 Mr J. Ward [email protected]
8T Miss A. Barker [email protected]

Year 9

Head of Year Mr D Waterhouse [email protected]
9.1 Miss A. Richardson [email protected]
9.2 Mrs S. Parmenter &
Mrs R Persico
[email protected]
[email protected]
9.3 Mr L. Hall [email protected]
9.4 Miss K. Beastall [email protected]
9.5 Miss K. Hallam [email protected]
9.6 Miss N. Rowbottom [email protected]

Year 10

Head of Year Mrs J. Redfern [email protected]
10.1 Miss A. Costa Ferrer [email protected]
10.2 Mr M. Evans [email protected]
10.3 Ms L. Hall [email protected]
10.4 Miss L. Murfin [email protected]
10.5 Miss J. Buckley [email protected]

Year 11

Head of Year Mr D. Waterhouse [email protected]
11.1 Mrs K. West [email protected]
11.2 Mrs B. Ferguson-Harris [email protected]
11.3 Ms N. Creasey [email protected]
11.4 Miss E. Grice [email protected]
11.5 Mr A. Campbell [email protected]
11.6 Mr R. Bofinger [email protected]
11.7 Mrs K. Nettleship [email protected]

Manor College

MC1 Mr D. McGregor [email protected]
MC1 Miss O. Singleton [email protected]
MC3 Mrs L. Naylor [email protected]
MC4 Mr D. Helliwell [email protected]