Ethos, Aims and Mission Statement

The Manor Academy is dedicated to developing Successful, Confident and Happy individuals. Our aim is to provide an excellent secondary education that meets the needs of all learners irrespective of ability, gender, socio-economic background or ethnicity.


The Manor Academy, working in close collaboration with The Two Counties Trust  and its other committed partners, seeks to provide a high quality educational experience for our students. Providing a full range of relevant opportunities to enable your child to develop and progress to become active citizens. Gaining both academic qualifications and personal skills, that provides them with the courage and confident to lead a successful and happy life.



Punctual Arrive on time to all your lessons
Respect Be polite, cooperative and respectful to everyone in the academy
In Uniform Dress smartly in accordance with the Academy dress code
Dedication to Learning Know what you are learning and actively take part in all your lessons
Equipment Arrive at every lesson with the equipment you need to do well, especially your text and exercise books, pen, pencil, ruler and calculator